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You Don’t HAVE To Make The Jump To The Cloud – Perpetual Software Has A Lot Of Benefits



Purchasing pre-owned software is quick and easy, saving you a significant sum of money. We have many satisfied customers across Europe – in fact, as much as 60% of our business takes place around Europe. Opting for pre-owned perpetual software licensing over cloud-based upgrades means you get permanent access to software for a fraction of the original price.

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These days, more and more businesses are making a move to cloud-based software even though it costs more than any other option and data could be at risk of being compromised. So why?

The answer is a simple one: many businesses don’t realise that they can still opt out of the Cloud. Vendors don’t make it clear that perpetual software licensing is still an option. Microsoft and their distributors will try and push you towards cloud-based subscriptions. Of course they do – that means more money for them, both in terms of the move itself, and the subsequent license fees that you keep paying for as long as you want to use that software. This means that if you ever stop paying for that software, you will need to retrieve all your data or risk losing it all together.

What traditional resellers don’t tell you is that perpetual software hasn’t suddenly dropped out of existence – it’s still around and as accessible as ever. So next time your software supplier tells you “you’ll have to move to the cloud for that” keep in mind that they may have a vested interest in convincing you to make the move, and there may be a perpetual alternative that they’re not telling you about.

Here are just a few reasons why you should stick with perpetual Microsoft volume software licenses.

It’s Cheaper

Perpetual software licenses ask for just one single fee. If you want to move to the cloud, however, you’ll pay a recurring cost every month – essentially paying for the software several times over, in the long run. Similar to how if you hire a car for a few years and then eventually return it, you will not get any money back when you hand the car back. This is because you never owned that car. Not only is it cheaper to buy perpetual licenses, the ownership would be transferred to you and your company and you will be able to recoup some of that value should you choose to eventually stop using it and sell it on to a vendor like Discount Licensing. In the case of cloud-based software, you’ve been paying for something that you will not get to keep – and you will have likely paid extra, “hidden” costs over the years….

Active users of software are assigned a “seat”, each of which costs money. Every time one of your seats becomes inactive – meaning the user no longer uses their own account – you will need to manually disable that seat yourself. This requires you to employ someone to keep an eye on seats – yet another extra cost that comes with cloud-based software. The constant monitoring of active users to avoid charges for services that aren’t being used adds up to a lot of extra money over the years – unless you simply continue to pay for a seat that isn’t being used. Avoid either of these scenarios by choosing a perpetual software licence that you pay for once, and then own forever.

It’s More Secure

However secure the cloud may be, the fact is anyone can access your data if your details fall into their wrong hands. When you choose the cloud, you are storing your data on someone else’s server, entrusting it to someone else. If that server fails, you will not be able to access your data. You can lose any kind of information, from client information to personal information. Perpetual software, on the other hand, can only be accessed by people who have access permission within your organisation. This cuts down the risk of data breach significantly.

You Stay In Control

You have complete control over your software, where it is installed, on which devices within your organisation, and you decide when you upgrade or downgrade. With perpetual licenses, you own the data. but once it’s uploaded to the cloud, who owns the data then? No one is really sure.

Another question you should ask yourself – Is your Cloud Service Provider fully compliant with GDPR? How will you access your data if their server goes down or if you lose connection to the internet?

If you choose a perpetual software license, you will always have access to your data, no matter what.

The Cloud Or Perpetual licences?

When cloud first began people were rightly sceptical. Tech giants claimed it would be the next big thing and the implication that cloud would completely displace perpetual licensing was strong but there is evidence to say that perpetual licensing still has a very strong presence in the market because of its lower overall costs, better security, and control over data.

It may be sensible for organisations to use a hybrid system: part-cloud, part-perpetual. For example, for remote users it may be advantageous to use cloud, but perpetual licenses may be a better choice for those on your team who are rarely mobile, tend to work from your business premises, and don’t need to share many files and folders. Combine the best of both systems for a convenient, tailor-made solution that’s right for you.

Don’t believe the hype over the Cloud. Use perpetual software licenses wherever you can and save a significant amount of money while substantially cutting down on the risks.

We buy, sell, hold and supply a vast range of both current and previous versions of software for a mere fraction of its original price. Whether you need to buy Microsoft perpetual software licenses from us or sell on your unused Microsoft licenses to recoup some of your initial payment, we have you covered, no matter whereabouts in Europe you happen to be. For cheaper software that literally lasts a lifetime, call Discount Licensing today for more information.

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