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3 Benefits Of Buying Pre-owned Microsoft Office 2016 Licences From The Pre-Owned Market



Whether you are looking to upgrade your office suite or simply maintaining compliance the cost of software licensing can be expensive. A conventional Microsoft reseller will automatically tell you that the most cost-effective way to licence your business correctly is to buy Office 365 or Azure and move away from on-premise perpetual licensing to a subscription cloud-based solution.

And at first glance, the move from CAPEX to OPEX spending could seem attractive; however, in the long term, you will always spend much more. To learn more about the cost differences between the two types of licence, see our previous article on the subject here.

Discount-Licensing is an authorised Microsoft reseller who specialises in supplying pre-owned perpetual Microsoft software at heavily discounted prices. An example of this would be Office 2016 Professional which often can be supplied at less than the cost of an annual subscription to Office 365 Pro Plus.

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Here are just a few of the benefits of opting for pre-owned Microsoft Office 2016 volume software (on-premise).

1. Great Prices For Excellent Software

Being able to secure a service that’s essential to your business for a lower cost is an excellent way to keep your budgets under control and ensure that the way you’re licensing software is the most economical and efficient for your business. Pre-owned Microsoft licences can often be purchased at more than 50% cheaper in the pre-owned market than buying through a conventional reseller.

2. Choose The Best Software For You

Choose the best software for your business, not what Microsoft tell you to buy. Using the pre-owned software market and an expert reseller such as you can purchase the software version/edition to suit you. Application, Server and Operating systems are all available pre-owned for the discerning buyer and all at a fraction of the price of the new licences.

3. Work With A Reseller Who Knows Their Stuff

Choosing a pre-owned Microsoft Reseller such as Discount-Licensing to purchase your software licences means that you get to speak to someone who is an expert in Microsoft and the field of reselling ‘pre-owned’ software. This offers you an excellent place to direct queries and questions regarding the software you’re looking to purchase; you’ll get answers from a company who knows what they’re talking about. Discount-Licensing is a Pan European reseller who supplies businesses of all sizes from SMB to Enterprise.

So, if you’re considering purchasing pre-owned Microsoft licences and you’re looking for a reseller who can help you make the best decision for your business, look no further. From legacy versions to the very latest release, we stock a range of Application and Server software to meet all your business requirements. Click here to make an online enquiry or call us on +44 (0)1283 511 524 to speak to our team today. Alternatively, you can send a direct email to sales@discount-licensing.com.


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