Buy & Sell Microsoft Volume Software to meet your business requirements

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Buy Pre-owned Software

We supply both Private and Public sector organisations with a wide range of Microsoft Volume licence products sourced using either pre-owned (second-hand / disused) Open, Select or Enterprise licences (not OEM or FPP boxed products). As an authorised Microsoft Reseller, Discount-Licensing can also supply ‘new’ Volume licences for any products that are not available through the pre-owned channels.

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Sell / Trade-In Software

You may be a solvent Private or Public sector organisation that no longer needs all its licences due to restructuring, downsizing, migrating, moving to the Cloud or to another competitor’s Open source product. Alternatively, you may be an Insolvency Practitioner or Case Manager looking to realise a value for the intangible software licence assets of your client. Whichever category you fall into, we offer a remote ‘no fee’ software licence valuation for you or your client.

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Cloud & Subscription Software

As an authorised Microsoft Reseller, Discount-Licensing can also sell ‘Cloud’ and Subscription based software licences should your company prefer to rent rather than own its software licence assets.