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Before you Move to Office 365, Sell your Unused Software Licences

Before you Move to Office 365, Sell your Unused Software Licences


As an IT manager, you are always under pressure to deliver more capability, greater speeds, and less downtime across your network, which means keeping up with the latest technology. But with software manufacturers moving their customers to a subscription model, your latest upgrade often lies in the cloud with products like Office 365, AZURE, or AWS, leaving you with your old on premise licences that you no longer need. In the past, these were money down the drain, but what if you could recoup some of the first year of your new subscription fees by selling your now redundant, old software? With Discount Licensing, you can!

New for Old

Maybe you haven’t had time to give them any further thought, maybe you assumed your old licences were worthless, or maybe you keep old licences around just in case – there are many reasons for holding onto licences you no longer use. Because you can’t physically see them, unlike old boxes that get in the way, it’s easy to forget that you’ve still got them hanging around. But these software licences that you accumulate over the years represent a source of cash that’s going to waste until you get in touch with us! We can conduct free remote audits to establish your full licensing estate so you can see if you do have any that can be sold on; then we give you a great price that will allow you to invest even more in the next generation. Our valuations are completely free and no obligation, and for this tiny amount of work you can make a huge difference to your department’s budget.

Recycle Old Software

The release of newer software editions means the countdown to the End Of Support date gets closer, when new patches and security updates stop being released, and interest in older licences almost totally diminishes. Ensure that you can recoup some of your costs and get in touch to find out how much your old software might be worth. In the current economic climate, we’re sure any additional revenue that can be generated for your business will be gratefully received.

Get in Touch

If you have surplus software and you’d like to recover some of its value to spend on new products, you can fill in our quick and easy form that will help us get back to you with an offer. Alternatively, to get started, call (0)1283 511524 or drop us an email at


Unused Software Licences In Academia: How You Can Recoup Some Costs

Unused Software Licences In Academia: How You Can Recoup Some Costs



A large number of academic institutions are in possession of old software licences that they either have forgotten about or presume are not worth anything, but did you know that they could actually be resold back to a vendor for a reasonable price?

If your academic institution is sitting on unused volume licences, this can be a valuable asset that you can sell on to a trustworthy vendor to recoup some of your original costs.

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Common Errors In Software Licence Management

One of the main goals of software licence optimisation and management is to prevent harmful software audits and ensure software licence compliance. The focus of software asset management, and probably rightly so, tends to be on what software is currently in use rather than the total licensing estate that the organisation has acquired over the years. The software in use is only the tip of the iceberg and below the surface, there could be a large amount of licensing that has been discarded as it is no longer needed or it is felt that it holds no value. This is common when institutions replace existing software with new versions, go through changes in staffing numbers or even just simply end up over-ordering.

Many organisations have optimised their licences through improved server consolidation or better processes, still ensuring full compliancy, so licence consumption in some areas is reducing (increased server virtualisation, for instance) and institutions are left with multiple unused licences that could be resold to generate much needed additional revenue. These additional funds could then supplement already tight budgets for future purchases or reduce the financial burden of current ones.

The Benefits Of Selling Unused Software Licences

Selling redundant software licences gives the ability to release capital back into your organisation. As software manufacturers are trying to move academic institutions to a cost structure based on operating costs via subscription rather than capital investment in perpetual licensing, the window of opportunity is closing as these assets continue to depreciate. For instance, an organisation that has moved to Office 365 from Office 2016 Pro Plus may be surprised by the value they can reclaim from their initial investment. Even Office 2013 still holds some value but once a new version is released, interest in these older versions will wane, as will their value. Discount-Licensing can help you with your software management with our free remote audits to identify your full licensing estate. Once you have identified what you need and what you don’t, you can dispose of what’s no longer required, streamline your spending and invest back into your institution.

Get In Touch With Discount Licensing Today

If your institution is sitting on unused licences, get in touch with our friendly team at Discount-Licensing today and we can offer you an all-in-one solution for releasing their value.

To find out how much money you can make from reselling your disused licences, give us a call on +44 (0)1283 511524 or fill in our online form and we can offer you a free audit.


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Don’t sit on a valuable intangible software asset – Sell it

Don’t sit on a valuable intangible software asset – Sell it

For businesses that have already (or are planning) to make the transition from on-Premises to the Cloud, valuable perpetual software licence assets may be left behind and discarded.

Our business, Discount-Licensing Ltd, is a specialist in recycling Microsoft volume software licence assets.  We would offer to buy and ultimately provide your business with a residual value for your disused perpetual software.

To receive a valuation for your disused software licence assets, please either email your details to, complete our Enquiry Form or else speak to a representative on +44 (0)845 475 5959.

Don’t sit on a valuable intangible software asset – Sell it.

Realising The Value Of Software Licences

Realising The Value Of Software Licences

Noel Unwin explains why software licensing is now recognised as an intangible asset that can yield real financial returns for creditors with little policing from IP’s.

Software what?’…the response echoed throughout the industry when the theory behind this new licensing asset reared its invisible head back in the winter of 2004 – an understandable first reaction to an asset where the hidden heterogeneity between the software and the licence itself had gone hither to unnoticed by insolvency members, private sector businesses and even the software vendors themselves. Find out more here.


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